Terry Whalin, prolific author, former book editor and literary agent reveals...


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I've written my book.

Now how to I get it published?

Where do I learn the insider secrets to get into print?

Or maybe you are getting published and want to move to a new area of the market? How do you successfully make that switch?


 Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams Audio CD

It is confusing to many people about how to get started and how to get published.

You need expert guidance to learn about a dozen different ways to get published in today's competitive environment. in this audio workshop, Terry Whalin provides a dozen ways to get published. His advice gives you practical and detailed guidance.

     Learn specifics to overcome obstacles.  

     Avoid the Catch-22 of Publishing.

     Rediscover a lost art in publishing.

     Imitate successful writers.

    Understand the importance of reading.

     Profit from writing organizations.

This hour and a half teaching workshop is packed with ideas. Delivered before a live audience and including their questions, you will want to listen to this workshop over and over to glean all of the information in it. The package includes the handout from the event so you can make notes and easily reach the various additional resources.

You can purchase this workshop in two convenient formats. Either download the MP3 immediately and listen to it on your iPhone or iPad or computer for $9.95. Or you can get the CD to listen in your car or your CD player including the MP3 file for only $14.95 plus shipping.

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     Discover how to build your platform.

    Understand need for continued training.

    Advance career with a literary agent.

    Repurpose content to multiple products.

    Discover ways to engage the market.

   Learn how to handle rejection.

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Easy To Apply To Your Writing

Each of these dozen avenues to get published includes a practical mixture of experienced stories and ready-to-apply concepts so you can move forward and accomplish the dreams for your writing.


30 Day Unconditional Guarantee

  Use it risk-free for 30 days

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Your success to use Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams Audio Workshop is completely guaranteed.

In fact, here s my 100% Love-It-Or-Leave-It Guarantee:

If youre not absolutely ecstatic and thrilled when you get this book - for any reason at all, return it - Ill cheerfully refund your money. No headaches, no hassles and no weasel clauses.

Youve got a full month to check it out!
Is that fair or what?

There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me.

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Still Not Convinced?

Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams Audio Workshop includes five bonus gifts:

  1. A 30-page portion of the book, Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams.
  2. A bonus teleseminar with two literary attorneys answering writer questions about the legal aspects of writing and publishing.
  3. A 45-page sample chapter of a book from these attorneys.
  4. A 30-minute MP3 interview where Terry Whalin tells you how to get your book published.
  5. A 75-minute MP3 interview where Terry explains the differences between self-publishing and traditional publishing.

You risk nothing for 30-days. If you return the product, you can keep these five bonuses just for trying the product.

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About W. Terry Whalin 
Terry Whalin 

W. Terry Whalin is an Acquisitions Editor at Morgan James Publishing. Besides working as an editor for a major publishing house, Terry has published in over 50 magazines and written more than 60 books. The creator of  www.Right-Writing.com, Terry is a popular speaker at conferences and lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.   


What Others Say About

Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams

“Terry Whalin is an expert on publishing success. Aspiring writers would be wise to heed his advice closely.” 

Nick Harrison, Senior Editor, Harvest House Publishers 

“Publishing is a complex business. Terry has been a magazine editor, an author, acquisitions book editor, and now a literary agent, he knows the inside scoop. Jumpstart  captures his experience and  serves it in easy-to-apply portions for every reader.” 

Michael S. Hyatt, President & CEO, Thomas Nelson 


“This cornucopia-filled title has essential information that writers need more than ever to succeed. Terry’s generous advice comes out of his passion for helping writers and his decades of experience. Jumpstart will enable new or published writers kick their career into high gear. I learned a lot from it.” 

Michael Larsen, Larsen-Pomada Literary Agents; author of How to Write a Book Proposal www.larsen-pomada.com   

“Insightful. Practical. Helpful. Energizing. Passionate. This book will move you closer to your dream of becoming a published writer.” 

Paul Mikos, publishing executive, 


“Terry Whalin has a real talent to explain to writers how they can customize their ideas for the best possible reception from editors and agents.  Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams   has valuable insights into the publishing process.”   

Farley Chase, Literary Agent, Waxman Literary Agency   


“Along the path to getting published, there are many possible sand traps for rejection which published writers have learned how to avoid. Follow Terry’s expert and empathetic advice to take years off your learning curve.”   

Jacqueline Deval, Publisher, Hearst Books and author of Publicize Your Book www.publicizeyourbook.com   


“Terry Whalin is the real deal! An experienced publishing pro  respected by both sides of the aisle: authors and publishers. What’s  really going on inside this topsy-turvy business rarely resembles 

what you see on the outside. Terry’s invaluable guidance will put you 

ahead of all the other ‘wannabes’ and within reach of your author  dreams.” 

John Willig, President & Literary Agent, Literary Services Inc. 


“Terry’s advice is practical, direct and easy to follow. You can’t read a chapter of Jumpstart without feeling a little wiser. And that’s not just for unpublished writers either.”   

Rick Hamlin, Executive Editor, Guideposts magazine   


“Here’s the perfect primer for writers seeking to break into print or build lasting careers. Practical tips and encouragement abound, and the author’s own career illustrates the soundness of his advice.  A must-read for every aspiring author.”   

Joan Marlow Golan, Executive Editor, Steeple Hill Books   


“Terry understands what writers go through to get published. He has created a roadmap for any would-be writer to follow. You need the insight in these pages.”   

Rick Frishman, Publisher, Morgan James Publishing,  www.rickfrishman.com   


“Terry Whalin’s wealth of publishing experience combines with his practical teaching to give you the step-by-step insight that only comes from his years in this business. This book is perfect for anyone who has dreams and hopes of getting into print.”   

Raleigh R. Pinskey, author of the best-selling 101 Ways to Promote  Yourself , www.promoteyourself.com   


Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams stands out from the pack of ‘how  to succeed as a writer’ advice—especially Chapter 11 on building  a platform and chapter 18 on repurposing your content. These two  chapters alone can double your publishing success this year.” 

Robert W. Bly, Copywriter and Consultant, www.bly.com 



“Terry Whalin’s Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams , manages to be  both brutally realistic about the publishing world yet hopeful, almost  spiritual, in its encouragement of writers. If this book doesn’t get  you motivated enough to finally publish your book, then nothing 


Fern Reiss, director of the International Association of Writers  and CEO of www.PublishingGame.com


“Terry has written the “go to” book for writers wanting to understand  all the elements of today’s publishing world. Few books are able to  dispense this invaluable advice from someone whose experience is as  diverse in the publishing world as Terry Whalin. Bravo, Terry.” 

Sharlene Martin, Literary Agent, 

Martin Literary Management, 



“A smart, savvy guide every author needs—Terry Whalin’s book  brims with seasoned insider tips to getting published in today’s everchanging  market.” 

Lisa Collier Cool, past president of the American Society of  Journalists and Authors


“I’m a big believer in telling stories. If you want to jumpstart your  publishing dreams, learn how to tell stories. In this book, Terry shows  you how to tell your own stories as well as how to capture the stories  of others.” 

John Kremer, author of the best-selling 1001 Ways to Market Your Books , www.bookmarket.com 


“Terry provides an excellent and comprehensive model for anyone 

to follow. His own publishing success, relationships with writers  and editors, and years of teaching others are evident throughout the  book. The process may be imperfect but a good guide is invaluable along the way. Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams serves this role  perfectly.” 

Dr. Brad Hamm, professor, Dean of the Indiana University School of Journalism www.journalism.indiana.edu 


“You need help from the rare person who not only has intimate  knowledge of the process but can teach it to others. You will find that  rare gift in Terry Whalin’s book.” 

Sally E. Stuart, author, The Christian Writer’s Market Guide  www.stuartmarket.com 


“Terry Whalin is a godsend for aspiring writers as well as published authors wanting to stay afloat in today’s market. In Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams Terry becomes your own personal writing coach.  These “insider secrets” will both help you define writing success for 

yourself—and then achieve it.” 

Kristi Holl, Award-winning, middle grade (8-12) author,  www.kristiholl.com 



“In addition to being a great writer, editor, and agent, Terry must  be a magician. It’s the only way he could put so much invaluable  information in a single book.” 

Alton Gansky, author of Enoch and 30 other books,  www.altongansky.com 


“Totally practical—actually DO his suggestions and you WILL  become an author. Totally thorough—no stone is left unturned. This  is an indispensable guidebook you will dip into again and again.” 

Diane Eble, book publishing consultant, Words to Profit, www.wordstoprofit.com